“Life Happened Because I Turned The Pages”

There are a number of books I would recommend to be in the library of every Sales Engineer. Some of them are Pre-Sales specific, some deal  with demos and presentations, and others are regular business books. Having these books in your library can only serve to make you a  stronger, smarter and successful  Pre-Sales Engineer. Although these are the English versions, many have been translated into other languages. Start reading!

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The Sales Engineer Book Of The Month: One Minute Mentoring

Ken Blanchard

Is having a mentor really that important? How do you find a mentor? What is in it for both parties? Is there a difference between coaching and mentoring? (Yes: Ask : A Lot : Absolutely in case you are wondering..) At many of our management workshops, we ask how many people have a mentor and how many are actively mentoring someone else. It does not even have to be a formal relationship. The results are rather disappointing – both up and down the chain. Although many companies assign a “mentor” to SE’s during new hire induction, that relationship usually does not stick and it is very transactional.

One Minute Mentoring is a very short and easy read – written in parable style and tells the story of Josh and Diane. Josh’s career is stalled. He has doubts and questions. Diane is looking out for retirement, and is bored and tired. The story outlines their mentor-mentee relationship and the impact it has on both of them. Definitely a great, yet simple read.


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