Training, Consulting and Facilitation Services For Pre-Sales Engineers and Management


We provide Professional Skills training tailored to the needs of Sales Engineers. Our workshops cover the range of Fundamental, Applied, Advanced and Leadership Skills required for the Next Generation SE.


Whether you have a specific organizational problem or are looking to run presales as a business – we can help.


As trained facilitators, we offer services specifically designed for the needs of the pre-sales leadership, based upon our subject-matter expertise and the extensive research behind “Mastering Technical Sales”.

We have plenty of free resources for Sales Engineers. Our resources include a recommended reading list, plenty of advice, leadership guidance, demo best practices and th eprovebial much. much more …

We provide Management Consulting Services, Meeting Facilitation, Keynote Addresses and Professional Skill Building Workshops aimed at improving the efficiency of Sales Engineering organizations, reducing the cost of sale and increasing the execution/close rate.

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