Longboat Key, FL – 15th February 2023.


I’m delighted to announce that after 12 years of amazing partnership, Mastering Technical Sales (MTS) and Up2Speed (U2S) are finally ‘tying the knot’ and merging their global operations. This merger is a very positive development for me (and my lovely wife, Allison) and also for our customers, as I’ll no longer have to worry about the operational side of the business, such as scheduling, logistics, finance, and legal.

Instead, I can focus on plans to:

Build even more courseware;

Shoot some videos;

Work with the U2S developers to build some online SE training;

Post more content on social media;

Write another book;

And spend more time travelling and meeting our customers – especially those outside the United States.

Those are all good things for our 400+ customers.


Up2Speed will become the surviving legal entity. However, the Mastering Technical Sales name and brand will continue to live on, as we have now become the largest global provider of Sales Engineering training and services. The combined business can boast over 25 qualified facilitators in 10 countries to deliver sales and sales engineering workshops. That’s a breadth and depth of expertise no one else can match.

If you’re a customer, you won’t notice much difference in the short term, although finance and billing will move across to centralized operations out of Singapore, and you’ll be assigned a project manager before any workshop deliveries. In the long term, we’ll move all the paperwork and bureaucracy over to the Up2Speed name.


I’m looking forward to this next phase of serving the Sales Engineer profession, and Tom King, Nick Dorney, and I will continue to promote the best job in the world!

John Care


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