There is plenty of generic leadership material available to an SE leader. Your company may subscribe to excellent sites such as Harvard Manage Mentor and offer many internal “HR” style classes about strategy, vision, coaching, employee development, and even law in the workplace.  Take everything they offer you, and then ask for even more! To see more – download our SE Leaders Curriculum

This page is dedicated to resources and articles specific to the job function of being an SE Leader.

We’ve divided the content into the four areas:

1. Learning And GrowthDeveloping Your People (And Yourself)
Process What Your People Do.
FinanceThe Money (in and out)
CustomerHow Your People Interact With Their Many Customers.

Before you start, read Ten Metrics That Every Sales Engineering Manager Should Know


Effectively managing the economic activities of the team. Which is way
more than checking out the forecast and pipeline.

How Many SEs Does It Take? Part 1

HowManySEs Does It Take? Part 2

How Much Is An SE Worth?

The Economics Of SE Training

Explaining PreSales Compensation


The SE team has many customers. Not only the end-user customers
who pay you money for your solutions and services, but also the
salespeople and partners you work with.

The PreSales – Sales Partnership : Measuring The Relationship Q&A

Handling The Difficult Rep

Using Customer Stories

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