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John Care and Chris Daly lay out the 3+1 rules of SE Leadership. A simple framework designed for everyone – from SEs thinking about moving into management to the newest of new SE Managers to a Global SE Vice President. This is a fascinating blend of tactical and strategic advice based on 30+ years of experience and many years of running SE specific workshops. All designed to allow you to follow the 3+1 Rules: Develop And Serve Your People, Run Pre-Sales As A Business, and Serve Your Customers all matched up with Rule #0 Manage Yourself.

It’s a common and often repeated story. You take a rock star Sales Engineer who is highly valued for their sales and business skills – and make them a manager because they are a great SE. With no regard for their possible leadership skills whatsoever. Perhaps they are pointed at a few online HR resources and take a mandatory “Managing Within The Law” session. Then they are released into the wild, and asked to manage, lead and motivate a team of Sales Engineers – each of whom performs the job differently than the newly minted manager used to do


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