The Trusted Advisor Sales Engineer eBook is now available from Amazon.




Sales and Pre Sales Engineering leaders across the world have used the Trusted Advisor label hundreds of times over the past fifteen years. Yet it really doesn’t mean that much without a lot of explanation. You may be thinking about some of these questions right now. Becoming a Trusted Advisor is not as simple as it sounds, which is why so many organizations either never try, or make a half-hearted effort. Trusted Advisor – two words, five syllables and fifteen letters hide a massive complexity. For the first time ever, there is now a book specifically designed to start the individual Sales Engineer on the journey to becoming a Trusted Advisor.
Section One covers how to define and actually measure trust with your clients.

Section Two looks at the practical aspects involved in building trust through Discovery, Presentations, Demos and all the other standard activities of an Sales Engineer.

Section Three examines how to get started and put it all into practice – both for individuals and for SE teams.

This is not one of those tiny 40 page eBooks. It’s over 150 pages and 45,000 words of thoughts, ideas, best practices and real life examples based on dozens of clients and thousands of students who have already taken the Trusted Advisor Sales Engineer workshop.


The Red/Green List

Keep track of good(green) and poor(red) behaviours as you read through Section 2

The Single Factor Scoresheet

Use this to build your own scoresheet / rubric for each of the factors

The Trust Scoresheet

The main scorecard used throughout the book

The Trust Factors Self-Assessment

The Trust Techniques Reminder

A handout reminding you of some of the key concepts

The Trust Mental Checklist

A quick review before you go into a sales call